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Not Your Typical Business & Startup Law Firm

Putnam Gordon, P.C. is a unique law firm focusing on startup and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our up-and-coming top San Francisco business lawyer and founder is Jason Putnam Gordon.  We also have Alisande “Sandy” Rozynko as “Of Counsel.” Together, we emphasize the attorney-client relationship rather than any one transaction. The results are superior service for Bay Area businesses and startups and a desire to retain Putnam Gordon, P.C. as one’s business lawyer for life.

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    Jason Putnam Gordon founded his practice after leaving a large technology-focused law firm here in the Bay Area. Jason brings his passion to be the best startup and business attorney in San Francisco to key startup and business law areas including business formation, corporate governance, intellectual property law, litigation, and other areas of law as indicated below.

  • SF Startup Attorney

    We work with San Francisco Bay Area startups to help get technology, social media, and social gaming startups up and running.

  • Business Attorney in the Bay Area

    We counsel businesses as they form, grow, and are sold.  It’s never too late to work with an attorney to get your business’s corporate books in order.

  • Federal Lawyer in San Francisco

    Having clerked in federal district court and practiced primarily federal courts thereafter, I litigate complex commercial and intellectual property disputes.

  • Bay Area Intellectual Property Attorney

    The intellectual property side of our practice focuses on trademarks, copyrights, & trade secrets. If you have a San Francisco business or startup, it’s critical to find the best Bay Area intellectual property attorney for your needs.